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Mirthfully murdering Muggles since 1970

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Name:Death Eaters Anonymous
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death eaters

We have grown weary of the bad PR all Death Eaters, Slytherins and Purebloods alike have received in the Harry Potter fandom.

We are not misunderstood. We do not hide a soft interior beneath our scatching remarks and sarcastic wit. We do not all secretly work for *spit* Albus Dumbledore. We most certainly do not associate, befriend, *snort* breed, or work side by side with Muggles and mudbloods. Keep that filth to yourselves. We are an elitist, snarky, conniving, calculating, snobby bunch of liars, cheaters, and backstabbers. We are Slytherin. And we do not give a sod what the rest of the Wizarding world thinks of us, as long as they fear us.

(Actually, some of us sorta kinda do get down with Muggles, but don't tell anyone. ESPECIALLY the Dark Lord. Or we'll hex you so hard you'll wish you played for the Chudley Cannons.)

If you think that you are worthy of the Mark, then join us. The Dark Lord requests that you do. He will not request again.

membership rules

1. No advertisements for HP communities or RPGs. However, advertisements for ficathons and similar events are permitted. (Please tag "type: advert").

2. Fic, vids, art (including icons), and recs are all permissible, but they must contain at least one Death Eater as a primary character. (Oh, all right, reformed Death Eaters are acceptable. After all, one must stay out of Azkaban *somehow*). Use some commonsense, people - if it's a Harry and Ginny story and your Death Eater is Draco on Platform 9 3/4, it probably doesn't belong here.

3. Your first post will probably be moderated, unless your post is link-free. We'll usually give unmoderated status to anyone who's posted legitimately first.

4. No explicit depictions of underage sex on the comm (fic or visual). No exceptions. You may link to such material, but you must warn specifically for underage. Reading and viewing sexual content involving fictional minors is illegal in some places, and it's critical that readers can make an educated decision about whether to click.

5. If your post has a graphic or an embedded video, keep it under 600 pixels wide, or put it behind a cut.

6. If your post or linked content has adult content, you must mark it as such, and put it behind a cut.

7. If your post or linked content has triggers, you should err on the side of caution and warn accordingly. Your artistic integrity should not come at the cost of people struggling with trauma or self-harm. If you absolutely can't bring yourself to identify trigger content, please advise the reader that you have chosen not to include trigger warnings but some trigger content may be present in the piece.

8. You must tag your entries. All tags are lowercase. At a minimum, select an appropriate tags for:

type:fic, vid, rec, images - art, images - icons, advert, and other options. (If the post is an advert, all other tags are optional).
rating:g, pg, pg-13, r, nc-17.
orientation:het or slash - you may choose both for multiple pairings.
!warning: underageFor characters involved in sexual activity under seventeen years of age.
!warning: dubious or non-consentIncludes grooming behaviours and abuse of age difference or position of power.

Does not include clearly consenting "forceful" behaviours associated with BDSM.
!warning: tortureMainly for graphic torture or abuse.
!warning: incestRequired for direct ancestors and descendants, all immediate family including adoptive or step-relations, and blood-related aunts/uncles and nieces/nephews. The warning is not required for in-laws or cousins (as marriage between these relatives is accepted in most parts of the world).

Note that the incest tag does not, alone, imply abusive incest, since intermarriage is canon in Harry Potter. Indicate abuse by using the non-con tag as well.
char: [firstname lastname]Structured as the formal name of the character as used for most or all of the book era. For instance, narcissa malfoy (not narcissa black), nymphadora tonks (not tonks lupin), bartemius crouch jr (not barty jr). Indicate all major antagonists and protagonists. Voldemort appears both as tom riddle and voldemort, indicating his two distinct eras.

There is also an option for "char: canon goodie as death eater," and also a small number of "general" (thematic) character tags (death eaters, slytherin, black family, malfoy family, lestrange family). The latter are intended for icon posts with lots of themed icons, not shortcuts for fic posts.
pair: [char1/char2]These are alphabetical, usually by first name (so, bellatrix/severus and rastaban/rodolphus). The exceptions to the "first name" rule are characters with a canonical, fixed alternative to their first name (tonks, voldemort), and minor characters whose first names are unknown (yaxley, avery).

There is also an alternative "pair: three or more" option to be used for threesomes and moresomes.

Optionally, you may also include:

genre:At this stage, we only have humour and erotica as options (which appear to be the genres specifically sought out regardless of character or pairing). We'll consider others on request.
length:novella (15,000-79,999 words) or epic (80,000 words or more). Posts not tagged for length are assumed to be vignettes or short stories.

If your post requires a tag that does not exist, please request one at the bottom of your post. We will look through every month or so and attend to these.

9. Please don't assume the owners and moderators are continuously monitoring the comm. If there is a problem, contact all of us to maximise the chances of a quick response. The owner is deslea and the moderators are skyships, condwiramurs, and slytherinlegend.

Interests (150):

alan rickman, alchemy, avada kedavra, avery, azkaban, basilisks, being bad, being evil, bellatrix, blackcest, blaise zabini, boy!blaise, boylove, burning things, canon, canon whores, chamber of secrets, characterization, christian coulson, crabbe, cruciatus, crucio, curses, cursing people, dark arts, dark lord, dark magic, dark mark, death eater, death eaters, divination, draco, draco malfoy, draco/harry, draco/lucius, draco/snape, drama, erotica, evil, evil overlords, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, gay sex, goyle, grimmauld place, gryffindor, harry, harry potter, harry potter slash, harry/draco, harry/snape, hate sex, head boy, heir of slytherin, herbology, hogwarts, horace slughorn, house elf abuse, hp slash, hp yaoi, hufflepuff, imperio, imperius, j.k. rowling, jason isaacs, karkaroff, kill harry, knockturn, knockturn alley, leather, legilimens, lestrange, lestranges, literature, lord voldemort, lucius, lucius malfoy, lucius/draco, lucius/severus, lucius/snape, lupin/black, macnair, magic, malfoy manor, malfoycest, malfoys, marcus flint, millicent bullstrode, mudbloods, muggle torture, muggles, nagini, narcissa malfoy, neurosis, neville longbottom, nihilism, occlumency, pansy parkinson, parselmouth, parseltongue, peter pettigrew, pettigrew, potions, potter, potter slash, prefect, professor snape, pureblood, purebloods, ravenclaw, regulus black, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rockwood, rosier, salazar slytherin, sarcasm, school boys, severus, severus snape, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, slash fanfics, slytherin, slytherin house, snape, snape/harry, snark, snarry, snivellus, the blacks, the dark arts, the malfoys, the unforgivables, tom felton, tom marvolo riddle, tom riddle, tom/bellatrix, transfiguration, unforgivables, voldemort, wand, wilkes, witches, wizard, wizards, you know who
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